The Issue Is: Intern Terry's Takeover

This week, "The Issue Is:" anchor Elex Michaelson engages in a little role reversal, as FOX 11 intern Terry Ayzman takes the reins for a bonus show!

The Issue Is: Gustavo Arellano

In this week’s ‘The Issue Is:’ podcast extra we sit down with LA Times columnist Gustavo Arellano to discuss Proposition 187. 

The Issue Is: Johanna Maska

For this week's "The Issue Is:" podcast extra, Elex Michaelson sits down for a candid and revealing conversation with Johanna Maska, a former President Barack Obama's Director of Press Advance.

2020 Hopeful Tom Steyer: 'Trump may not be on ballot in November'

From the moment he made a splash on the 2020 Democratic ticket, Tom Steyer has made it his mission to scrub the federal government of its overriding influence from corporate America. Toppling over the Trump White House might just be secondary.“There’s a good chance [Trump] won’t even be on the ballot” come November, Steyer confidently predicts.