Dad celebrates Wednesday's Child adoption

Happy New Year from Wednesday’s Child! The year 2020 marks 25 years of the Wednesday’s Child program, a partnership between KTTV-Los Angeles FOX 11 News and DCFS to find adopting families for a population of children in foster care who face more barriers than others in reaching permanency.

Wednesday's Child: Sweet and lovable Cristeina would love a permanent family

Cristeina (2007) is a personable child. She enjoys the outdoors and going to the movies, mall, library and the park. She also enjoys drawing; anything artsy, listening to music, putting puzzles together, and reading (especially Korean Comic books). Cristeina is always up for exploring new things and different dimensions of the arts. With that in mind, Cristeina was given a chance to see a theater production media day where members of the media interviewed the cast of the Lythgoe Family Panto’s 10-Year Anniversary production of A Snow White Christmas.

Wednesday's Child: Kind, affectionate Felipe in need of a loving home

Meet Felipe (2006), a very kind and affectionate child with some special needs. He is friendly and polite, and enjoys engaging in conversations on just about anything. Felipe is very easy-going and gets along with everyone in just about every setting. While sports aren’t Felipe’s forte, he was such a “sport” when presented with the opportunity to go ice skating for the first time at the Bai’s Holiday Ice Rink at Pershing Square.

Kelvin: A Wednesday's Child success story

November is National Adoption Month. This week on Wednesday’s Child, we will rewind to the Hollywood gifting party in February 2018, where Kelvin (2002) was one of our VIP guests.   

Fashion shoot for four from foster care

"Beautiful" said the photographer as he snapped away at four young adults once in foster care. It was a fun fashion shoot given as a gift from stylist Jesse J Guillen. One girl, Rhonda Bolanos was once on FOX 11's Wednesday's Child in the 1990's before being adopted.

Wednesday's Child: Fun-loving Devon in search of a permanent home

The Emmy Award is behind us, but our A-list of kid stars continue to run. We’re re-capping another dynamic young kid with aspirations for the biz and a personality to match. Meet 14-year-old Devon (2006), Wednesday’s Child VIP at Doris Bergman’s 9th Annual Emmy Style Lounge & Party at Fig & Olive Restaurant in West Hollywood.

Wednesday's Child: Angel would love a permanent family to call home

Angel (2007) is a friendly and engaging little boy. His easygoing disposition makes him a pleasure to be around with. Halloween is around the corner, so we brought Angel to our favorite family place – Pa’s Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach, CA. We got to learn more about Angel as he shopped for fall decorations and tracked down the perfect pumpkin for Halloween.

Wednesday's Child: Fun-loving Yaya would love a forever family

Yajaira (2004), who prefers to be called “Yaya” is a lovely teen growing up in foster care who wishes to have a safe, permanent and unconditionally loving family of her own. This very introspective and reflective teen has an old soul, and when given the opportunity, she jumps at the chance to advocate for herself to find a family that can reciprocally be a good fit. We had Yaya walk the red carpet at Doris Bergman’s 10th Annual Luxury Lounge & Party honoring the Emmy Awards last month where she was gifted as our celebrity. Here is her story.

Wednesday's Child: Athletic teen Demaja would love a permanent home

Demaja (2006) is an active kid in foster care who’s sports minded and has a love for football. While, a diehard NFL fan, Demaja was open to learn about the other kind of “football” with a much larger fan base worldwide than the NFL – that is Fútbol aka soccer! We visited the newest team in town - the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) MLS Soccer at their state of the art training center on the Cal State LA campus.

Wednesday's Child: Emerald would love a forever family to be a part of

Wednesday’s Child was on hand in preparation to celebrate television’s biggest night at Doris Bergman’s 10th Annual Luxury Lounge & Party honoring the Emmy Awards. Our nominee for this segment is Emerald (2003), a teen in foster care with dreams of being “casted” in her own forever family.

Wednesday's Child: Lovely Lazae in search of a forever home

Lazae (2003) is a warm, friendly and engaging teen. She’s also outgoing and athletic, and does well in school. For those who know her, and as we’ve discovered for ourselves, honesty and integrity shined through in Lazae’s character.