Shailene and Lori Woodley discuss nonprofit All it Takes on GDLA

Actress Shailene Woodley opens up about a past abusive relationship and she and her mom Lori talk about why they started the nonprofit All it Takes which brings attention to mental health. Now the non-profit is focusing on helping people manage their anxiety as we navigate our new COVID-19 world.

Job Finder; US Census

Despite the coronavirus, 2020 is a census year. An army of “census-takers” have already been approved and hired but because of the pandemic the bureau believes people may back out of the job given the requirements.

Job Finder: Outschool

Educators looking for supplemental income, professionals with a certain skill, this week’s job finder is for you.

Dr. Deirdre Barrett explains vivid coronavirus dreams

If you've been having crazy, vivid dreams lately, you are not alone. Experts say it's not unusual during a crisis. Dr. Deirdre Barrett, Psychologist, Harvard Dream Researcher, and Author of “The Committee of Sleep,” explains overactive imaginations during the coronavirus pandemic and how to have a better night’s dream. Link to COVID-19 dreams survey: and Dr. Barrett's website: