Wednesday's Child: Fun-loving Devon in search of a permanent home

The Emmy Award is behind us, but our A-list of kid stars continue to run. We’re re-capping another dynamic young kid with aspirations for the biz and a personality to match. Meet 14-year-old Devon (2006), Wednesday’s Child VIP at Doris Bergman’s 9th Annual Emmy Style Lounge & Party at Fig & Olive Restaurant in West Hollywood.

Devon is a charming preteen who is fascinated with everything Hollywood and Disney Channel. Devon expressed that he wants to become an actor. The Emmy Suite was just the ticket for him. Life imitating art or art imitating life? Devon rehearsed for his place on the red carpet someday and was treated like an A-list celeb. Right up there with John Brotherton, star of Fuller House.

Every vendor vied for a photo op with our kiddo; such as My Saint My Hero, MindinSole and Hint Water to just name a few. What Devon wants the most is the ultimate photo-op: to have his photo embedded in a family portrait year after year – HIS family’s.

Devon has plans to take acting classes. Devon loves talking about and sharing his dreams.  He also enjoys asking questions and learning more about others.  Devon enjoys academic success in school and looks forward to successes in whatever form it comes, as long as it’s with a forever family.