City of West Hollywood resumes parking enforcement

It’s time to start reading parking signs and feeding parking meters again. The grace period for eased parking restrictions ended Monday in the City of West Hollywood, officials said.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, city officials offered a reprieve and suspended parking regulations, which included residential permit parking, street sweeping enforcement, rush-hour parking enforcement, moving encroachments, and expired meters.

With more residents working from home, city officials said those with valid resident or guest parking permits were allowed to park at nearby parking meters during sweet sweeping hours and were required to have the permit displayed. Those who opt to park at meters must park up to 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the posted street sweeping hours at the address where the permit is registered.

Residents are able to park at meters during street sweeping hours until Monday, August 31.

Those who do not abide by parking regulations will be enforced by citation and the regular penalty schedule resumes. Drivers will have 21 days to appeal or contest a citation before it becomes delinquent.

For more information, call the Parking Violations Bureau at 800-687-2458.